Everything Matters!



** The NEW Telonics TCA-500 - Packed with useful features! **


• Based on ultra low noise, exceptionally high headroom, Telonics high end studio equipment.

• Weighs just less than 18kg with effects processor and cabling fitted, as shown above.

• High output level available on demand. 500 Watt power amplifier section.

• Highly abrasion-resistant outer surface. Baltic Birch ply construction throughout.

• Telonics TSNEO speaker developed specifically for steel guitar; 12 or 15 inch options available.

• Pure analog signal chain. No digitization of the dry signal or thru sound via A/D or D/A converters.

• Superb tone control section with Bass, Sweepable Mid-band and Treble EQ; plus Blend control.

• Highly flexible effects loop; Dry/Wet Fader allows effects to be used in a parallel or series chain. 

• Built-in ambience Reverb and T'Bro' simulator;  front panel switchable or by remote (extra).

• 1U 19" rack slot for effects processor. Switched AC supply outlet for Effects Processor power.

• Super quiet Power-On/Off muting and Mute Switch with LED indication.

• Power amp On/Off to minimise 'pops' and mute speaker; useful when using with headphones.

• 24VDC Power Socket; can be used to power an FP-100 volume pedal (lead supplied).

• Buffered Tuner outputs front and rear. Headphones output with Gain control.

• Auxiliary Input (stereo), with Level control; for CD/MP3 player or Guitar Effects Processor input.

• Balanced XLR Direct Out, with Level Control; modeled for connection to a live or studio desk.

• Front panel illumination to assist setup on a dark stage.

• And many more features....


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Click here to see John Stannard interviewed on using the new Combo with a Tele!



About Telonics: 

Telonics Inc. is a technology research and development facility based in Mesa, Arizona. Telonics Pro Audio (TPA) is a division of the company set up to develop high quality products for guitarists and steel guitarists. From the pickup to the speaker TPA has developed a range of products that process audio with the minimum possible degrading of the natural instrument tone. Many top class musicians and engineers have combined their knowledge and years of experience to produce these products. Sound quality and reliability, not price and profit define the end product.

To quote Stacy Beaty: "When you design a pro audio product, everything matters... all those details eventually add up to make a significant improvement."


 FP-100 Multi-Taper Volume Pedal